If you like sex plays and sex toys, and you prefer good quality, you are on the best site here!

Why do you choose my products?
- Because I am an expert. I am an engineer of leather-work with more than ten years experiences in making leather goods.
- Because I maintain high professional standards, for raw material I use only high quality leather.
- Because I create your order only for you. Based on you requests and for your special size.
- Because I can make your toy-dreams come true (But not your play-dreams. Please, don’t try!)
- Because every details of your order are top secret.

I have several colours of leather available for the production of orders.
Because of the customized manufacturing it takes 4 to 6 weeks to create your item, after you payed the deposit.

You can find some pictures and a short description of every items here – see the left side menü. The prices quoted refer to average size items and don’t contain the shipping costs. If you need some special things or size, please, don’t hesitate to ask for a special offer!

Warranty: 1 year for every failure, which comes from the error of the raw material. Warranty is available in case of proper use and adequate maintaining of the items. Other repairing will be cheaper than usual prices. Warranty term begins when you received the item.

My company is a limited partnership operating as a small taxpayer:
Tax number: 20928771-1-43

Adequate maintaining:

Cleaning: Regarding to the texture, leather can magnetize pollution. For this, it suggested to clean your toys frequently, this way:
- In case of normal use it is enough to clean them with a soft, wet and soaped textil, then with clean watered soft textil, then dry, soft textil.
- If you use your toys with different partners, you clean that the way above after every use, or use some neutral disinfectant. (If you have questions on the neutrality of the disinfectant you plan to use, you can test it on a small surface of the toy first. If it doesn’t impair the material, you can use it.)
- Never use rough textil, sponge or other material on the leather!
Attendance: - I use only one kind of raw material, which is “tun-painted”, it means their transverse section is painted too. But sometimes it could happens that the paint became worn despite the proper use. - In this case suggested to choose a shoe-cream, which contains vax (colorless or in the right color). You just rub this with a soft textil on the affected surface, and after an hour you rub the surface with a clean, soft textil again, for clean the unwanted shoe-cream. (During one hour the leather takes up as many cream as it needs.)
After long term use leather could become hard. In this case you can rub the material with glycerine or beeswax. In this case you have to count with that sometimes the glycerine, the wax or the color of the leather can trickle after this surface treatment.
It suggested to store your leather toys in soft textil. Without package they can be scratched, and if you put them to a plastic package, they could became fungous.
Beware of: Raw materials what I use for your toys mostly are cowhide, sheepskin or sometimes suede. Because of their trimming these leathers are durable, but there are some things which can significantly cut down their life expectancy. So here are some thing, what you have to beware of:
Never put your leather toys to water for a long term periode! For example don’t clean them in water or beware of wearing or using them in rainy weather! - In those case if it happened somehow afterall, never put them onto the radiator for drying them! It is better if your toy get dry on usual room-temperature, and after this you can tend them those way I suggested for the long term use attendance.
Never clean your leather toys in washing machine!
Beware of fire, direct heat or sunshine! In those case, if you forgot your toy on direct sunshine or next to the radiator, and it became hard, you can tend them those way I suggested for the long term use attendance.